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10GB Of Free Storage Space Reportedly Required For Windows RT 8.1

Windows RT 8.1 is one of the more vital pieces of the Windows Blue upgrade cycle, and the upcoming upgrade will go a long way in defining the future of the tablet oriented operating system.

While the prime focus has been Windows 8.1, Microsoft has nevertheless detailed some feature it is planning for Windows RT 8.1. It is reasonable to expect most of them will make the cut for this variant of the company’s newest platform.

But now we just may have some more specific details on Windows RT 8.1.

Some leaked system requirements have surfaced over the weekend that provide more detail on installation and the amount of storage space required for upgrading to the new version of the OS. And it comes with some surprising numbers.

Windows RT 8.1 Preview requires a Windows RT capable device that already has the tablet oriented operating system installed — along with at least 10GB of free storage space.

Now it must be said that these are somewhat high storage requirements for a software update and may be a bit of an issue for users that have 32GB Windows RT devices. The 32GB model of Surface RT, for example, ends up with approximately 15GB of free space.

Add another 10GB that is required to install the upgrade, and that only leaves around 5GB for installed apps, settings, documents and other files. The microSD card expandability becomes even more vital in this particular case, then.

Obviously, these are just leaked details for now, and could very well change when the final version of the operating system hits general availability.

Written by Hamid Khan

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