12 Reasons Why Azure Has AWS Beat


Cloud wars. The last year or so has really seen Microsoft step up its cloud game in its fight with Amazon. Azure, previously seen as a contender, has now found ways to beat AWS.

12 ways, at least, as this article lists.

A dozen of these reasons are listed in this piece, from Visual Studio integration to support for the Ethereum blockchain, as well as the investments the Redmond based companies continues to make in the space of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Most of this research makes its way to the Azure cloud platform.

Amazon Web Services, meanwhile, remains an amazing constellation or products, but the number of products available under the Azure brand umbrella continues to grow — so much so that you will have to look really hard to find something that AWS does but Azure does not.

The basics remain the same.

Both platforms allow you to spin up machines running the current versions of Linux and Windows, and the two do a great job if you have some data to store up in the cloud.

But the Microsoft corporate DNA starts to make an impact once you move away from the basics.

Starting with the fact that Azure has that polish that other cloud providers lack with their barebones commodity shells wrapped around their commodity offerings. To build on that, Azure leverages the strengths on offer with the Microsoft family of products.

Particularly if you are engaged with Microsoft languages like C#, tools like Visual Studio and frameworks like .NET. This close an integration simply makes working with Azure that bit easier.

Beyond that, you have the dozen reasons listed in the article, and very appropriately detailed.

Give it a read and see how Azure has AWS beat, and in what areas.

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