128GB Surface Pro 2 Went Out Of Stock Over The Weekend, Back Now

Déjà vu, you say? There are persons of interest, and then there are tablets of interest. And you may be hard pressed to find a tablet more interesting right now than the upcoming Surface Pro 2.

Microsoft has put up its newest generation Surface slates up for preorder, and sure as the night sky nobody can get their hands on a device before October 22 when it goes on sale, it appears that the tablets are indeed selling like hot cakes.

Of course, if you go by what Redmond is claiming here, that is!

It appears that the 128GB version of the Surface Pro 2 sold out during the weekend — consumer interest in this model has been particularly high ever since it was first announced.

It is after all, a perfect mix of price to storage space ratio.

The Surface Pro 2 with 128GB of storage capacity currently retails for $999, and luckily the tablet appears to back in stock right now at Microsoft’s official store page.

But this much is certain that this flavor of Pro could be in high demand initially.

In fact, even though shipments of the second generation Surface will begin on October 22, there is news that the 128GB model will be delayed by three days. Microsoft is still working to resolve availability and supply issues, it appears.

So if you want to reserve your tablet, you can go ahead and place a preorder right away.

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