19% of Consumers Considering Windows Phone, Says Survey

Windows 8 isn’t moving quite as quickly as Microsoft probably had hoped, but the good news is that Windows Phone 8 has seen quite a bit more “positive feedback”. While Windows Phone 8 isn’t outselling Android and iOS devices, people are talking about it.

The Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8x have both been a great start in the right direction for Windows Phone 8 and people are taking notice. Samsung is working with Microsoft to take aim at the business world, Avanade is working with Nokia for business expansion and everyday consumers are becoming tempted by Windows Phone for the first time.

In fact a new study has been conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics showing that Android might be the king of the hill, but 19% of consumers are actively interested in considering the switch to Windows Phone.

Based on the short-term plans of consumers that were part of the survey, those who plan to buy a phone in the next 3 months are still considering Android as the top contender at 53% and Apple’s iPhone at 35%, but Windows Phone has 19% of folks considering it, and Blackberry has 11% considering their offerings.

That’s 118%, I know. Remember that there is some overlap here. Some considers are actively considering more than one platform. It’s also worth noting that the survey DOES NOT mean 19% of folks will buy a Windows Phone 8 device, they are merely considering it. They will evaluate whats out there in terms of phones and apps– and then decide.

So what does this mean for Microsoft?

It means the groundwork has been laid. While consumers have a somewhat negative opinion about Windows 8 right now, the same isn’t true for Windows Phone 8. People think that Microsoft might be on to something here, but that doesn’t mean they will blindly jump to it right away.

If Microsoft wants to win big in the mobile world, they need to take the bull by the horns going forward. Solid new smartphones, a larger range of sizes and configurations. Active support for upgrading– including upgrading to Windows Phone 9 in the future.

Doing this will slowly but surely keep the gates open and more and more consumers will make the switch. Now is the time to continue pushing forward. With limited Windows 8 success so far, I’d argue that success with Windows Phone (8 and beyond) is more important now than ever before.

What about you, have you already switched to Windows Phone 8 or are you at least actively considering it? Tell us in the comments below.

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