2013 is mentioned as a possible Windows 8 release date again

Redmondmag just wrote an interesting article about Windows 8 and a potential Windows 8 release date. I have talked about Windows 8 and release date predictions here and here (among others). Long story short, i think it will be released in 2013/2014 but as for what month, anyone who tells you they know is full of crap. Anyway, here’s some of what RedmondMag had to say..

Windows 8, or whatever Microsoft’s next operating system will be called, might be released in 2013, according to a Directions on Microsoft analyst. Speculation about Microsoft’s future Windows roadmap was included as part of a Directions on Microsoft briefing given by analyst Michael Cherry on Thursday. OEMs and independent software vendors already have early builds of Windows 8 in their hands, Cherry affirmed. He added that the public might get its first look at the Windows 8 code at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference in September. The venue for the PDC hasn’t been announced, but Seattle is rumored. Cherry’s talk focused on Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, which were released by Microsoft in February. The talk also touched on associated topics of interest to IT pros, including Internet Explorer 9, using Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and migrating from Windows XP. Windows 8 in 2013? Possibly, we may see Windows 8 for x86 and x64 hardware, as well as system-on-chip (SoC) components, by 2013 or beyond, Cherry speculated. The SoC development may enable low battery power consumption for Windows-based devices, such as are available now with the new Apple iPads. Cherry didn’t claim to have inside information on the 2013 date, so it is unconfirmed.
For the record, nobody knows..]]>

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