22 New Windows Phone Devices Launched This Year

highlighting these new addition to the Windows Phone party in a blog post. Some 14 new OEMs helped launch 22 new smartphones powered by Microsoft’s mobile OS, and the fact that these companies can now license the mobile platform for free played a big part in building this momentum. Sure, this is just the start, and there is a lot of room for improvement, but from just 4 or 5 OEMs to a total of almost 20 now, in the span of less than a year is remarkably solid. As Redmond notes:

“The choice of design, colors, features and price points is growing fast and fantastic news for Windows Phone fans around the world. It’s great seeing new devices from our partners!”
Many of these companies showed off their new hardware creations at IFA 2014 — from Italian OEM New Generation Mobile to US vendor BLU, French handset maker ARCHOS, UK based Kazam, the party is strong. Take a look at what these companies have been up to:4 [gallery link="file" ids="68946,68947,68948,68949,68950,68951"] The future does seem bright for Windows Phone, and although sales numbers will be with us in the next couple of quarters, at least the hardware is there. Now all we need is for the software to catch up, and consumers to take note.]]>

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