30 Days with Surface Pro: Day 14

Sure, I can get around Windows 8 using a mouse, but it’s a touch-oriented operating system. So, Day 14 of the 30 Days with Surface Pro series documents my switch from a mouse to a Logitech t650 touchpad.

I’ve been a fan of touch gestures since smartphones and tablets exploded onto the tech scene. I even got an touch-enabled 23-inch monitor for my office. I quickly discovered, however, that reaching up and extending my arm across my desk to tap and swipe on the monitor is not an ergonomically pleasing experience. The touch monitor never really got much use.

But, when I started using a MacBook Air at my desk, I made the switch from a mouse to an Apple Magic Trackpad. The Logitech t650 touchpad delivers a very similar look and feel for interacting with Windows 8 on the Surface Pro.

Windows 8 is built for touch. Sure, it works with a mouse, and there are keyboard shortcuts to get around if necessary, but the most natural, native Windows 8 experience comes from tapping and swiping. A touchpad just makes sense.

Read Surface Pro, Day 14: Ditch the mouse, get a touchpad for more details on making the switch.

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