30 Days with Surface Pro: Day 16

One of the greatest benefits of mobile computing is the ability to work remotely. Armed with a notebook PC, tablet, or even just a smartphone under the right circumstances, you can get work done from just about anywhere from your living room, to a coffee shop on the corner, or a hotel room around the world.

Day 16 of the 30 Days with Surface Pro series takes a closer look at using the Surface Pro to engage in video chat or video conferencing. These tools are essential for working remotely because they enable “face-to-face” conversations one-on-one or with a group from virtually anywhere.

I discovered that it’s a little perplexing why Microsoft offers both Skype and Lync. The tools do essentially the same thing in almost exactly the same way. In fact, Microsoft owns the Yammer social networking platform as well–which also has some functional overlap with both Skype and Lync. Microsoft should pick one, merge all of them together, and have one clear brand / message for customers.

For more about Lync and Skype, as well as third-party video conferencing tools like WebEx, check out Surface Pro, Day 16: Video chat and conferencing.

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