30 Days with Surface Pro: Day 4

Now that I’m all logged in to Windows 8 on my Surface Pro, it’s time to start digging in and figure out how to get around this OS.

The thing about Windows 8 and the Surface Pro, though, is that it feels a lot like two different platforms bolted together rather than a seamlessly integrated experience. The Windows 8 Modern (formerly known as “Metro”) interface is a great UI for the tablet. The large tiles, updated with real-time information make it easy to navigate with touch and swipe gestures, and there are a variety of great apps available from the Windows Store.

The beauty of a Windows 8 tablet–as opposed to using an iPad or Android tablet–is that it can also run “real” Windows software. In desktop mode, Windows 8 is essentially Windows 7, and it can run all of the applications you’re already used to.

It’s a powerful combination, and it has a number of benefits over using a tablet that is a completely separate device and operating system than my desktop, but it also has some pitfalls and caveats. For more, read Surface Pro, Day 4: Navigating Windows 8.

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