3D Touch Is Microsoft’s Vision To Bring Kinect Like Technology To Mobile

codename of the first handset that comes with 3D Touch. And now Tom Warren of The Verge has shed more light on the matter, saying that if Nokia McLaren proves a success, Redmond will incorporate its 3D Touch technology into several high-end smartphones that come from Microsoft Mobile. Now even though this technology will initially be exclusive to Windows Phone handsets manufactured by Microsoft, there is every possibility that it will eventually be made available to other Windows Phone OEMs like Samsung, HTC and more. Essentially, the idea is to replace the buttons on a smartphone — physical or touch. 3D Touch, also known as Real Motion, has been in active development at Nokia for a couple of years now. And it is allows for gesture based commands thanks to the sensors that will be included in future Windows Phone handsets. Similar to Kinect, in many ways. The technology is capable of detecting how a phone is held by grip, and it could allow users the ability to power it on just by gripping the phone. Users will also be able to execute various options like dismissing alerts, answering phone calls by the wave of a hand. Microsoft have also included several user interface improvements that go by the name of MixView. These allow users the ability to hover their fingers over a Live Tile and tap on it while still in the air. All these new enhancements sound great in theory, and Microsoft have made substantial improvements to the Kinect technology recently. But it remains to be seen how effective 3D Touch is when integrated in a smartphone in real life. More details as they arrive.]]>

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