3DMark For Windows 8 Set For 2013 Release

press release from the company states that the new build would be out next year:

“As final testing continues and we gather feedback from our Benchmark Development Program partners, it is now looking certain that we will not be able to release 3DMark in 2012. Benchmark quality is our number one priority so we are now aiming for a Windows launch in January 2013”.
Of course, a bunch of new screenshots also made their way up. More interestingly though, the company also revealed that it is also working on dedicated 3DMark versions for other platforms, including Windows RT, Android and iOS. Many versions of 3DMark have been released over the years, but the latest version is the first time it is branching out to other platforms. The upcoming version (under the working title of 3DMark for Windows) is designed to measure performance across all Windows 8 devices, supporting both the x86 and ARM architecture. Which is great news as the technology world shifts its focus to mobile devices. A slew of Windows RT devices are said to make their way to the market in next year, and benchmarking tools like 3DMark would be an essential way to determine the visual and graphical performances of the various tablets.]]>

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