4,300 Flash Websites Now Whitelisted For Windows 8

Windows 8 came with some major changes, and one of the things that were altered was how the new operating system’s Modern UI and Windows RT worked with Flash content.

In order to keep users safe from vulnerabilities discovered in the Flash software, Microsoft manually approves new websites for Windows 8 and Internet Explorer before users can load it up in the browser.

This information is then placed in a regularly updated whitelist that instructs Internet Explorer on whether to load that particular page or not.

Now this check-and-approve policy may sound like a setback, but the thing is that Microsoft moves very quickly when it comes to approving new websites for Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10.

In fact, as reported by ZDNet, more than 4,300 websites are already added to this whitelist, with over 1,000 news ones added each month.

While this works fine for most users, others could do without restrictions of this type.

The good news is that people have already found ways to bypass this and manually add websites to the list — particularly on Surface RT (and other Windows RT tablets) as people want access this type of content on these devices.

Several downloadable applications have also been developed allowing users to easily edit the list.

The process involves clearing the browser history completely and then adding new websites to a whitelist stored on the computer or device itself. The downside to this process is that users need to disable future updates, so that updated official whitelist files are not delivered to the computers.

Click here to view the latest version of Microsoft’s whitelist for Flash based websites.

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