5 questions that should be asked about Microsoft's alleged update – Windows Blue

bullsh.. rumors state that this update will not bring back the Start Menu and will make tweaks to the Windows 8 desktop and taskbar making the UI appear more flattened. This round of rumors are entertaining but at the same time profoundly disturbing because they raise the following questions.

Is it an OS or Service Pack(s)?

That’s the most obvious question. What the heck is blue? If it’s a new OS that would be disastrous and an admission that consumers were right to stay away from Windows 8. If it’s a service pack, then why all the drama and why doesn’t Microsoft just squash all this noise?

Why the name?

Why the whole naming convention? Why not just Windows 8 SP1? This whole Blue thing has taken the focus away from Windows 8 and has caused a lot of unnecessary confusion.

What’s with the timing?

8 months after you release a radical new OS, you want to make radical new changes to it. Really?

Developer Impact

As a developer, why would you rush toward an OS that seemed to be heading for RADICAL architectural changes? The whole Windows Phone 7.5/8/7.8 debacle comes to mind.

Business Impact

As a business, why would you even look at Windows 8 if there is speculation that there are (non) trivial changes coming? You would be irresponsible to do so. Once again, all this is rumor (at this point). I want to go on record again as saying that I pray this is just a series of updates and service packs that are a normal part of the OS refresh cycle. If that is the case, Microsoft need to go ahead and clarify that so we can avoid this speculation. Somewhere in Redmond, they may be thinking that all buzz is good buzz. Not so. To be honest, I simply don’t think consumers have it in them for another round of marketing for a new OS update barely 8 to 9 months after the release of Windows 8. That might just be the straw that breaks the camels back. What do you think about all this Windows Blue stuff? Use the comments below…]]>

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