5 years until Windows 8

October 22nd, 2009 was the launch date for Windows 7.

Based on the amount of new technology available for the marketplace to digest and the integration between Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7, I believe that 5 years would be an appropriate window (no pun) of time to let Windows 7 digest.

That doesn’t mean I believe that Microsoft should not remain innovative and continue to pump out new software, fixes and updates for Windows 7.

Ironically, I think because they have done such a great job on Windows 7, there is a greater need to sit back and reflect on exactly what the marketplace will be looking for after they adopt 7/Server 2008.

There will be enterprise challenges and problems that will only become clear after a couple of years of enterprise deployments (2011/2012).

I believe that releasing Windows 8 by 2012 would be premature and would not offer extensive benefits to individuals and companies that would justify the additional spend/change.

That’s my ten cents on the Windows 8 release date, what do you guys think?

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