600 Million Active Windows 10 Devices Are Now Out There

Milestone time! Microsoft held its annual shareholders meeting today, where CEO Satya Nadella confirmed that Windows 10 were running on 600 million active deices now.

This, along with putting some extra emphasis on gaming, which you can read up on about here.

Anyway, according to the report, this is a number that applies not only to PCs, but also phones, Xbox One consoles, HoloLens, IoT hardware, and other such devices. In other words, these figures are inflated by a count, but show that the adoption of the new OS is coming along mighty fine.

Mighty fine, indeed.

And considering the fact that the last time Microsoft provided official figures was during the BUILD 2017 developer conference on May 10, it has taken Windows 10 some six months to reach this landmark.

Back then it was confirmed that there were 500 million active devices out there in the wild.

Of course, this taper off in performance was very much expected. The level off began when Microsoft ended the free upgrade offer back in July 2016, where the OS had reached figures of some 350 million. Since then, it has added an additional quarter of a billion users.

This is a figure that will rise more in the coming months and years, as businesses and enterprise users migrate to Windows 10, and people continue buying new hardware where the OS comes preinstalled.

But for now, this is a moment that calls for a celebration!

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