64-Bit App Emulation For Windows 10 On ARM Nears

May 18, 2020
Windows 10 on ARM

With Windows 10X now the new kid on the block, the Windows 10 on ARM platform rarely gets the headlines these days. But Microsoft continues to quietly work on it.

Back in November, we head that the company was ready to bring support for 64-bit app emulation on the platform. And now, we have new intelligence that these efforts are progressing — albeit a bit slowly than what many would have liked.

Redmond unveiled the Windows 10 on ARM platform all the way back in 2016, and there have been a small selection of new hardware running this new OS.

But as of right now, only 32-bit Intel applications, as in x86 software, is supported in emulation. The lack of x64 emulation has been a major bottleneck for the platform, as that means certain programs that are only available in 64-bit flavor cannot run on these devices.

Programs Adobe Premiere Pro.

However, as spotted, the software titan has been busy. New GitHub code commits suggest that the company has made progress with 64-bit emulation for the Windows 10 on ARM platform.

The commit was made by principal software engineer on the Windows team, Kenny Kerr.

And it reads “Add linker support for x64 code emulation on ARM64”.

Word is that Microsoft could be planning to add x64 emulation support to the platform with the upcoming Windows 10 20H1 update. If things go according to plan, Redmond should have Insiders testing things out very soon.

The public mention of emulation for the 64-bit architecture suggests that we’re close!

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