7 terrific improvements in Windows 8

1. Touch based User Interface design: Windows 8 consists of a simple and modern design. According to Microsoft, Windows 8 is a touch-based OS compatible with tablets as well as traditional mouse / keyboard PCs. The user interface of Windows 8 is somewhat similar to the tile based interface you see in Windows 7 enabled mobile phones. Even though the tile-based interface is appealing, there is a possibility that some users might end up with a phony experience on your desktop. As this interface is something that I have not seen in a desktop, I was quite attracted to it.

2. Improved security:

Windows 8 introduces a new feature called the “Factory reset option”. This new Reset feature restores the PC to factory-fresh condition. Such feature assures you that all your data are removed along with the viruses and bugs which have entered your PC. This feature helps in eliminating the biggest issues with laptops i.e. data left on a laptop after it’s traded.

3. Application or App Store:

Windows 8 offers an integrated app store that enables users to download new software for your device with just one click. Right now there are two types of apps supported by Windows 8 OS: legacy Windows programs and apps which are written in HTML5, and JavaScript. It is too early to discuss about third party apps. Some of the apps which are included in Window 8 were weather, news, Twitter, photos, and stocks. But I think it’s too early to comment on this, because there is a possibility they may change it before it is released.

4. Interactivity and Connectivity:

Another advanced feature that is built into the operating system of Windows 8 is the “tap to share” feature that allows users to exchange info with other devices using NFC or built-in antennas.

5. Improved Copy Experience:

I am looking forward to this one feature. This feature allows user to carry out all copy operation into a single dialog box, rather than copying each file in a separate dialog box. The new feature allows you to pause, resume, and stop each copy that is currently being done. It will also notify you if you’re trying to copy one version of a file on top of another.

6. Multitasking:

Windows 8 introduces a new feature called “Snap Multitasking”. This feature is intended to make two apps run in Windows 8 side by side, switch between them and resize them. The apps can be made smaller or larger by just dragging the bar of the app. I think snap seems to be an innovative way of multitasking.

7. Performance and Speed:

Windows 8 provides better performance and speed than its predecessors do. This is one of the stand-out features of Windows 8.  There is no doubt that Windows 8 uses less memory than window 7. Window 8 is extremely fast and Microsoft guarantees it. Thus users can experience better performance and speed on computers with low specifications also. CONCLUSION: It is actually amazing to see how much work Microsoft has done in building the next version of Windows but do you think these changes will be appreciated by the masses? Will the users be able to adjust to an entirely new sort of user interface? Will Windows 8 be a big Hit or Miss? We have to wait and see…]]>

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