739 Updates For Windows 8 And Windows RT Rolled Out Since Release

It has been more than six months since both Windows 8 and Windows RT made their way to the market, and Microsoft pledged to keep its newest platforms fully patched with fast and frequent updates.

True to the software titan’s promise, both operating systems received a regular flow of patches.

But now some official numbers are provided by Microsoft’s CFO Tami Reller, in an interview with ZDNet, and they are highly impressive — a total of 739 updates for Windows 8 and Windows RT have been released in just six months since launch.

That averages out at around 123 unique updates a month, over 4 a day.

Microsoft has been lightning quick to try and patch not only security flaws, but has also enhanced other elements of the platforms to improve stability, battery, and drive issues.

Since both Windows 8 and Windows RT are new products, such a big number is not out of the ordinary, as the two operating systems need adjustments here and there. More so, it is clear that Microsoft is really keen on patching and keeping its newest software platforms as soon as possible.

These are, of course, the regular day-to-day updates offering necessary and minor improvements.

The software titan is also said to be switching to an annual release cycle for the Windows platform, meaning new versions of the operating system could be expected to come out every 12 months or so.

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