8 Ways the Microsoft Windows Store Can Beat Apple's

Royalties: Microsoft is using the traditional revenue system that most of the other major app stores out there use: a 70% cut for the developers, and a 30% cut for itself. But the difference here is that once the app sales have reached $25,000, it drops its own revenue cut to just 20%. This will make it a lot more appealing for developers to sell their apps on the Windows 8 store. Fees: Microsoft is only charging $49 a year for individuals to house apps on their store and $99 for businesses to, in contrast to Apple’s $99 charge for individuals and $299 for businesses. Freedom: Apples does not allow for any apps to be sold that they deem “inappropriate.” Microsoft has less restrictions in their worded rules as it seems, their rules state that an app will not be sold if  it is “defamatory, libelous or slanderous, or threatening.” As far as it seems, this is a less restrictive set of rules than Apple has and therefor encourage more people to make controversial apps. To read the full list, click on the source link below. Tell me what you think of it in a comment. Source]]>

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