85% Of Businesses Ready To Hop On Windows Server 2012

Windows 8 has been raking up news headlines most of the year, but it’s the big brother of the new operating system from Redmond that is ready for primetime. The enterprise infrastructure has been waiting a fair while for Windows Server 2012. And now that it is here, an overwhelming majority of businesses are ready to take the plunge. A new study by Firebrand Training has showed that more than three quarters (85% to be terribly exact) of the businesses surveyed are ready to upgrade their company network to Windows Server 2012. Firebrand surveyed over 1000 IT professionals, from start-ups to FTSE 100 organizations. Out of those questioned, 75% are planning to upgrade to the 2012 edition of Microsoft’s Server operating system within the next two years. Why the rush, you may ask. It has been three years since Windows Server 2008 hit the market, and during this time cloud has seen massive, massive growth. And Windows Server 2012 is built from the grounds up with cloud computing in mind. Another reason cited is security. In a technology world plagued by cybercriminals and their unending attacks, network security remains, undoubtedly, the most critical consideration for businesses large and small. Add two and two up, and Microsoft Server 2012 seems well poised to be the most successful server product ever to come from Redmond.]]>

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