92% Computers Worldwide Are Powered By Microsoft Windows

Microsoft’s prized operating system, Windows, powers the absolute majority of computers worldwide, as the data by Net Applications confirms. As if anybody thought otherwise, ha!

The latest numbers regarding the worldwide operating system market share for the month of January 2013 placed various versions of Microsoft Windows at 91.71 percent — a very slight decrease of 0.03 percent over its market share in December 2012.

When it comes to overall platform, Mac OS X is again the second most popular one out there, with its 7.08 percent market share. Linux remains third at 1.21 percent.

Drilling down to individual versions of Windows shows that Windows 7 still remains the king at 44.48 percent, and Windows XP not far behind at 39.51 percent. The next few months could see a bit of a showdown here as people upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

Now, it would be quite something if Windows XP climbs back to top again — a sight unseen (and somewhat unimaginable) in the world of computing technology.

Of course, Redmond is hard at work convincing users to abandon the 11 year old OS, to decent results.

The OS everyone loves to hate, Windows Vista, is hovering at the 5.24 percent mark. This obviously is an important milestone as far as Windows 8 is concerned, which is currently sitting at 2.26 percent.

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