A closer look at Windows Live Metro style apps on Windows 8: People, Messaging and Call

September 27, 2011

Here is a closer look at few of the Windows Live Metro style apps on Windows 8:

  • People
  • Messaging
  • Call
People App: People app is more than just a regular address book. People is a  cloud powered address book that instantly gives access to everyone from work, home, and popular networks including Facebook and LinkedIn. This app also enables users to view all the details, photos, and other updates of all the people they care about all in one place. The People app offers other features like favorites that lets user to add contacts of their choice at the start of the People app. Pin is another feature where users can pin contacts to their Start Menu to display notifications, status updates from these contacts, and Search Charm quickly finds the contact the user wants. Messaging App: The Messaging Apps keeps a tab on all your IM conversations across Messenger, Facebook, and other connected IM networks. This app is based on the same idea that is used in Windows Phone’s Messaging hub where threads allow user to carry on communication with a particular contact regardless of which IM network they are on, as long as they are online. Live tiles are used to display any new messages that are received. In addition, the App keeps a count of unread messages that appear on the lock screen and alerts the user if there are any new messages while they are away. Thus, now the user would just have to open up a single application from the desktop in order to get facilities of video chat, instant messaging along with other features. Call App: Even though Microsoft never officially acknowledged the Call app, there are glimpses of it found in the developer versions. The Call App provides user the ability to have voice and video chat. This app would have the option to include Skype, Google talk, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger like IM services. The call App has a common inbox for all voice mails and missed calls. This app not only has the ability to make conference calls but also have a good video quality. In addition, the users are given the option to call a mobile number from the app as we have seen in People App. Conclusion: Microsoft is working on various Windows Live Metro apps for Windows 8 that are supposed to be released alongside the new operating system. These apps are not currently available in the market but Microsoft is expected to release them in beta form once the first Windows 8 beta is available.]]>

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