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A Few Password Related Bugs/Annoyances In Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Written by Andrew Grush


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  1. I agree! My password was more than 16 characters long. Once I logged in for the first time with my Microsoft Account, I could no longer log in subsequently. Therefore, I had to go to another computer, log in to my Hotmail account, and change the password to be less than 16 characters. It worked then!

  2. I’ve also only encountered minor bugs, and all of these have been in the desktop mode.  I’ve noticed that if I open too many tabs in IE10, the top area of the browser stops redrawing and looks weird.  Also, when I close a tab, I sometimes see a flash of another tab.  I also noticed that the tabs at the top of Chrome sometimes disappear to, though resizing the window usually fixes that.
    I haven’t noticed any bugs in the Metro side of things, except for an occasionally crash of apps that causes it to return to the Start screen.  Restarting the app always works.

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