A fresh way to bypass the Windows 8 Modern UI – RetroUI by Thinix

very big tactical error by removing the start menu from the Windows 8 desktop. I said that there were a bunch of companies that had stepped in to fill the void. Well today, I’d like to introduce you to RetroUI™ by Thinix.

Bypass the Modern UI

The good folks at Thinix designed MetroUI™ to allows users to bypass the Windows 8 Metro User Interface (Metro UI) and automatically return to a classic Windows desktop after login. Users can then return to the Metro desktop or use any Metro UI function. This allows users to switch back and forth freely, but causes the PC to switch to a classic Windows desktop following each login. RetroUI can also be configured to eliminate all Metro UI features. In this mode, users are sent to a classic Windows desktop at Login, and all the new Metro features; Charms Bar, Hot Corners, and Metro Switcher – are completely disabled and inaccessible.

Enhanced Start Menu

RetroUI not only brings back the Start menu, but they also enhanced it. Their new touch-friendly design works as well with a finger as it does with a mouse, and brings back all the functions you have used in previous versions of Windows.

RetroUI Enforce

Their new tool RetroUI Enforce allows you to ‘force’ the Windows 8 Start Screen and Windows Store apps to run in a way that allows the classic desktop, taskbar, and start button to remain visible. This allows you to toggle between full screen and windowed mode and run apps at any size and position you prefer. Here’s a video from the company describing the core product http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Lsor894VWA And here are some screenshots. [gallery link="file" columns="4"] If you have a company and it’s important for your employees to bypass the Modern UI, you probably want to check this product out. You can head over to Thinix to buy or for more details.. RetroUI by Thinix Also, look out for some free sample licenses on this site…]]>

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