A New App is Coming to Windows Phone, Teases WP Team Manager

Something exciting could be happening in the next few days: Windows Phone is likely getting a really big new app from a third party developer. Guess what app that is? Did you guess? Sorry, can’t tell you if you are right or not as we have no clue.

That’s right, the news (or lack thereof?) comes from a series of Tweets from Joe Belfiore, the manager of the Windows Phone team. He started tweeting that a new app was coming to Windows Phone, and based on the way he has tweeted about it and promoted it, it sounds like it will be at least a semi-big deal.

There are a few strong possibilities as to what the app is all about. In the news recently there has been quite a bit of focus on the idea of Windows Phone needed a new Facebook app. There has also been talk about Instagram coming to the platform, with Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop even running a campaign to convince the folks behind the app to bring it over to Windows Phone 8.

With that in mind, the first possibility is that it is in fact a new Facebook app or even an Instagram app. The second possibility its that the teasers are for something completely different. That said, it sounds more than likely this is going to be a high-profile app or else Belfiore wouldn’t have taken the time to start a hype campaign about it.

That means this probably isn’t something tiny indie app. It could be a popular game, but my money would be on something social-app related.

Originally it was believed that the app would hit today, though now it looks like the app won’t come for a few more days. So that leaves me asking: what one app would you love more than ANYTHING to see come to Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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