A New Windows 10 Redstone 5 Build Is Out

June 6, 2018

Don’t look now, but there’s a new Windows 10 Redstone 5 build out. And it brings with it a few new features, this build 17686 that is available for Insiders enrolled in the Fast ring and Skip Ahead channel.

It offers some handy new options for Local Experience Packs and Windows Mixed Reality.

As Microsoft so appropriately details.

Build 17686 Region

The first thing you’ll notice when installing this preview version is that Windows 10 now comes with an improved Region page in the Settings app that allows for easy modification of settings like time, date, first day of the week, calendar and currency.

All these options previously resided in the classic Control Panel.

So, Microsoft is one stop closer to transitioning them to the Settings app.

Build 17686 Local Experience Packs

Additionally, the software titan has also introduced Local Experience Packs, which are basically Microsoft Store apps that bring Windows display language quality improvements. These can also be accessed via Settings.

Build 17686 Microphone

This version also improves privacy a bit, adding in a new control that lets you know when an app tries to access your microphone for the first time after you disable it.

It makes it a bit faster, reviewing the settings and adjusting the privacy configuration.

And finally, there are a whole host of improvements for Windows Mixed Reality users, the details of which you can gather from eh blog post above. These additions make it a bit easier for you to setup the experience as well as adjust video capture.

Perhaps the most interesting new feature here is that you no longer need to use a monitor for Windows Mixed Reality to work, which not only makes life a bit easier, but should also allow the GPU to allocate more resources to the headset.

Overall, a nice little build, as far as Windows 10 preview builds go.

The blockbuster Redstone 5 features may still be a while away from their public debut, but this is still a very nice selection.

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