A Wileyfox Windows Phone Is Just Around The Corner

Without doubt the most surprising announcement coming from IFA 2017 was the news that Wileyfox was working on a new Windows phone that is being developed specifically for enterprise customers.

In fact, Microsoft is helping the company launch this Windows 10 Mobile powered device — even at a time when the Windows maker itself appears to be giving up on its own mobile operating system, both on the hardware and software side of things.

Nevertheless, Wileyfox is of the opinion that Microsoft still believes in its platform.

Talking on the sidelines of IFA 2017, the company revealed that the idea behind the €249 Wileyfox Pro was creating a powerful handset for companies that did not have the budget for the more expensive iPhone.

This does raise the question that most companies would be more tempted to go for an Android device at this price range, rather than go for a Windows phone.

Wileyfox believes that a strategy like this could help both Wileyfox and Windows 10 Mobile increase their market shares. It further said that Microsoft has so far been the best partner it has ever worked with, and despite the criticism, Redmond does have a mobile strategy in place.

Some specifics would have been welcome here, but it is what it is.

What’s encouraging news here is that a few large companies have also pledged their support for Wileyfox Pro, in particular firms in the United Kingdom. The Vodafone Group is one such company that is set to start a pilot program, and if it goes well, it may become the first large customer to switch over.

Be interesting how this pans out.

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