A Windows 10 S Version For Enterprise Is Coming Soon

Well, considering how trigger-happy Microsoft is these days when it comes to Windows 10 editions, a version of Windows 10 S for enterprise is not the most surprising thing in the world.

We already know that the software titan plans to pitch this variant of its operating system to businesses.

The company detailed these plans at Ignite 2017 earlier this week, while also launching a bunch of new affordable Windows 10 S devices for Firstline workers — fancy name for employees in an organization that need just the simplest of solutions.

A solution like Windows 10 S that limits apps from the Windows Store, and comes with easy and streamlined management, reducing IT administration costs for organizations that buy these laptops.

And it looks like that in order to line up with this development, Redmond is tailoring a new edition of the Windows 10 S operating system for organizations that want to deploy it. And the best part? Microsoft even has a funky little name lined up for it as well.

Windows 10 Enterprise in S mode.

Who thinks this up?


Anyway, as the images below reveals, this tailored version of Windows 10 will be based on Windows 10 Enterprise, become available as early as spring of 2018, and be focused on the frontline worker who form the foundation of the daily operations in most modern businesses.

The upgrade process will also be similar to Windows 10 S, in that the user or IT department will be able to make the upgrade a standard version of Windows 10 Enterprise in S mode to Windows 10 Enterprise whenever they see a need to switch.

Of course, since it is already possible to lock down a version of Windows 10 to only install apps from the Windows Store, it stands to reason that Microsoft will add in some other features in this new edition.

Redmond is very likely to share all the official detail soon.

But this is nevertheless a very interesting development.

Your thoughts?

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