ABI Research Applauds Windows Phone Store, Says it is Most Innovative Phone App Store

We recently reported that Windows Phone 8 had managed to add 75,000 new apps to its store. We have also reported about how well the Nokia Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8 in general have been received since they have launched.

The buzz surrounding Windows Phone 8 is much higher than we ever saw with Windows Phone 7. Now it seems that even ABI Research has chimed in positively about innovations found in the Windows Phone Store.

In a new press release, ABI Research says that Apple’s iTunes ranks ahead Google, RIM and Microsoft in terms of its store implementation but Microsoft had the most innovative mobile phone app store. The firm says Microsoft has the best ways to discover new apps when compared to any other mobile store.

According to ABI Research:

Microsoft should be lauded for its initiative to extend its ranking algorithm beyond raw download figures, by including factors that can actually measure the customer satisfaction and retention. Retention-based charts are less prone to manipulation, so as an additional plus Microsoft can also afford being more transparent about its approach.

Microsoft still has a long ways to go if they wish to win over the mass public with its mobile efforts, but it is clear that people and businesses are starting to sit up and take notice of what Microsoft can bring to the phone world.

Now if only Windows 8 could finally get past the negativity and consumers could start seeing the positive side of the new OS.

What do you think of Windows Phone 8? Have you been impressed by it or not?

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