Onuora M. Amobi

Onuora Amobi Editor
Onuora Amobi Editor

As the founder and editor of Windows8update.com, Onuora Amobi is a leading authority on Microsoft’s newest Operating System – Windows 8.

Prior to his extensive work with Window8update, Onuora built and established several successful blogging sites based on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

In addition to working as a co-author on the “Windows 7 Small Business Deployment Guide” (available on Amazon), he was acknowledged by Microsoft in 2010 as a Microsoft MVP for the Windows Desktop.

A graduate of Drexel University with a degree in Management Information Systems, he has more than 14 years of enterprise IT and security experience.

Onuora has also been successful as a management consultant and IT expert working in a variety of sectors.

  • ERP – (PeopleSoft – now Oracle)
  • Enterprise SAAS (Corio – now IBM)
  • Management Consulting (Deloitte, EDS)
  • Automotive (General Motors)
  • Healthcare (Kaiser Permanente)
  • Finance (FHLMC – Freddie Mac, CNA insurance)
  • Entertainment (Warner Brothers, Inc.)

He is currently a leading expert and consultant in the areas of strategic analysis and ROI evaluations for organizations looking to move to Windows 8. In addition, he is a technical consultant on multiple Windows 8 related print publications due for release in 2013.

An expert in enterprise applications and Windows deployment strategy, Onuora is available for speaking engagements worldwide.

To inquire about a speaking engagement, interview opportunity or consulting project, please email info(at)windows8update.com or call (1) 888-718-0777.


About Windows8update:

Founded in December 2009, Windows8update is the web’s largest and most comprehensive online magazine dedicated exclusively to the coverage of Microsoft’s Operating System – Windows 8.

Currently ranked a Google PR 5, the site currently has more than 2300 Windows 8 related articles, approx. 400,000 monthly visitors and close to 900,000 monthly page views.

The site has a loyal and active community of followers and tech enthusiasts. These include 31,000 Newsletter subscribers, 36,000 Facebook fans and over 150,000 Twitter followers who have posted more than 7700 comments.

Content on the site has been quoted extensively by PC World, Microsoft and The Huffington Post among others.

For advertising opportunities, please visit the Windows8update.com advertising page.

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