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About Time! – My review of Windows 8.1

I have been taking a deep and long look at Windows 8.1 and wanted to wait till all the initial reviews had happened to write down what I felt about the new update.

In addition, I find that like recorded music, you may feel differently the first time you see a product versus a few weeks later.

So, here goes…

Oh by the way, you can click on any of the images for a larger view.

Microsoft have characterized Windows 8.1 as a “refined blend” or “refined vision” of Windows 8. The software company made over 800 tweaks and updates to Windows 8 to create this new version – Windows 8.1.

Some of the major changes made to Windows 8 in this update:

Less cluttered Start Screen

One of the things about Windows 8 that got my goat was the initial clutter of it all. I think Microsoft did a better job with the initial start screen because they give you the basics and let YOU add the rest as you please.

It seems a lot more pleasant to me at startup.


The Start Button is (kinda) back.

I had pointed out in a previous article that the removal of the start button removal was a disaster and Microsoft should bring it back . Well they kinda brought it back.

I say kinda because it’s not quite what you expect.


It’s a Windows logo shaped button and clicking on the icon takes you between the new Start Screen and the Desktop.

Right clicking on the icon gives you a BUNCH of options like Control Panel, Task Manager, File Explorer etc.


I think this was ass backwards if you ask me.

Seems to me that the options should have been the default click option. Logically then if you were in the desktop there should have been a menu item for Start Screen and vice versa.

Just my take.

Still it was a nod to those who wanted a familiar button there. Call it a pseudo compromise.

Written by Onuora Amobi

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