Acer Doubles Up Its Research And Development Budget

Acer does a lot of things right, but one area where the hardware vendor is weak is the field of research and development. Even the company itself feels that there is room for improvement on this front.

And according to a new report over at Digitimes, the company has now decided to drastically increase its spending on R&D this year. How drastic you ask? How does twice the level it spent in 2012 sounds?

Word is that while the PC segment will continue to be the major beneficiary of this increased R&D budget, areas like phablets (phone and tablet hybrids) and cloud services are set to gain increased importance in 2013 and beyond.

To put this increased R&D capital to good use, the company has also decided to up the number of staff for these departments — somewhere along the lines of 20 to even 100 percent.

The company may either hire new people or transfer existing personal to these research divisions.

For the number crunchers among you, Acer verified non-consolidated revenues of $12.13 billion for the year 2012. The research and development budget was around $135 million last year. If all goes according to plan, the company looks ready to set aside $270 million for the year 2013.

The hardware vendor has already announced plans to bring several new Windows 8 based devices to the market later in the year. Microsoft has more than once put the blame of slow Windows 8 uptake on the lack of new devices running its new operating system.

Here’s hoping that with this increased emphasis on research and development, Acer manages to deliver a few killer devices in the months to come.

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