Acer Reconfirms Its Plans To Launch A Windows RT Tablet In 2013

As technology companies go, Acer is one of the more temperamental ones around. Its executives have been very, shall we say, blunt about the fact that Microsoft was entering the hardware business.

Ever since Redmond announced its PC hardware ambitions, the bigwigs at Acer have publicly criticized the move, on multiple occasions, it must be said. However, this trend seems to have died (or toned) down a bit, and the company even launched a few Windows 8 PCs in late 2012.

A fair few of these new devices powered by Windows 8 came with touchscreens, including the thin and light Acer Aspire S7 notebook.

Acer even promised to bring out a Windows RT tablet, but then put the plan on hold until at least the second quarter of 2013.

But now, talking to ITWorld, a company executive by the name of Oliver Ahrens reconfirmed the company’s plan to launch a Windows RT tablet, though he stopped shy of providing a released date.

He did however note that Acer feels Microsoft still needs to do some work to make the Windows RT platform more appealing to the public.

Ahrens also touched upon Windows 8 sales and said that Acer was hurt by remaining units of Windows 7 PCs, but now that they are moving of the shelves, this has opened up space for Windows 8 devices, and the company is observing a noticeable progress in Windows 8 sales.

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