Acer Rumored To Launch A New Version Of The Iconia W3 With An IPS Display

While other hardware vendors had been waiting for the release of Windows 8.1, with its support for smaller form factor devices, Acer was rather quick to jump in with a smaller Windows 8 tablet.

The recently released Acer Iconia W3 hit the store shelves as the first Windows powered tablet to sport an 8.1 inch screen. The reviews, however, have not been kind to the device, with the low resolution 1280 by 800 display said to be a noticeable weak point.

Now two new reports suggest that Acer is planning to release an updated version of the tablet soon, with a much improved IPS display.

The first of these reports have surfaced at a Dutch language website, Tablet Guide, which reveals that retailers in Netherlands have already stopped selling the device, in anticipation of a new model that is on track for release later this year.

Another report from claims that the direct successor to the Iconia W3 could be released as early as September, signaling that the updated device could be powered by Windows 8.1 — which itself has been confirmed to hit RTM status sometime in August.

The above report also includes some musings from an Acer spokesperson, saying that the improved tablet will be both thinner and lighter than the current Iconia W3 out in the wild.

The company is yet to confirm these rumors, but considering Windows 8.1 is to offer native support for tablet devices with small displays, a hardware revision could well be in development. Several other hardware vendors are expected to unleash new Windows powered slates in the next month or two.

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