Acer Unveils First AMD Ryzen Laptops

The dawn of a new age. Acer has become one of the first companies to offer AMD Ryzen powered laptops, with the launch of its new Swift 3 machines making use of these chips.

They also come with Vega graphics that are more powerful than the integrated Intel graphics.

HP launched its Envy 360, the first device to feature these processors, Lenovo already had a couple of models available, and Acer has now followed suit, offering buyers a choice of two machines — either a 2.0GHz Ryzen 5 2500U machine, or a 2.2GHz Ryzen 7 2700U system.

Both come with Turbo frequencies of up to 3.8GHz.

Storage options for these new launches range from between 256GB SSD on the base model to a 512GB SSD on the Ryzen 7 variant. The amount of RAM is said to be 8GB, while the IPS panel of the display measures in at the standard 15.6-inch.

With a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, obviously.

The machines weigh just over 2 kilograms each, and offer all the connectivity you can imagine devices of this caliber to come with. Including WiFi, Bluetooth, two USB 3.0 ports, along with one USB 2.0, and a USB-C 3.0. HDMI 2.0a, webcam, headphone jack and an SD card reader are also in the mix.

And although the amount of customization options available with these laptops appears to be minimal, you do get some solid hardware at fairly good price points.

Acer is selling the Ryzen 5 model at $750, and the Ryzen 7 model retails for $950.

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