Acer’s JT Wong Speaks Out Against the Surface RT– Again

Acer continues to have not-so-nice things to say about the Surface RT.

We all know that Acer’s president JT Wong hasn’t been a fan of the Surface from the beginning. He feels the move is anti-competitive and hasn’t been shy to vocalize his point of few.

At CES Wong was interviewed by AllThingsD, and had more to say about the Surface. According to Wong, Microsoft’s approach with the Surface has been rather confusing. Furthermore he states, “The promotion of the product is really focused on the keyboard, and the users really don’t know how to maximize the touch experience.”

Honestly, I understand that Acer is now a competitor with Microsoft in the tablet world, and competitors like to bash eachother often. Still, I couldn’t disagree with Wong’s statement about the Surface more.

Sure, there is a keyboard cover– but customers FULLY understand that the Surface is also a touch-tablet. I don’t get where he is pulling hte “users really don’t know how to maximize the touch experience” stuff from.

It is Windows RT, almost everything about it REQUIRES you to utilize touch to its fullest, such as the many great Windows Store apps.

The bottom-line is that Acer is scared of Microsoft at this point, and probably has ever right to be. The Surface RT and Pro are solid looking products, and while Lenovo and Asus are working to bring out comparable Windows 8 devices that are worthwhile– Acer hasn’t found success yet.

Again, I understand that talking trash about the competition is part of the game. Still, I’d rather Acer just work harder to bring us some new worthwhile tablets and computers. What do you think?

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