AdDuplex Data Confirms Nokia Lumia 920 Is The Most Popular Windows Phone

To say Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 8 handset, the Lumia 920, has been successful would be an understatement. Even in the face of adversary (supply issues) the smartphone raked in the numbers.

Sure, not iPhone or Galaxy SIII numbers, but it was a respectable seller, nevertheless.

And now we have the confirmation that the flag bearing smartphone that launched in late 2012 has become the most popular handset that is powered by Windows Phone, overall that is.

While the underlying hardware is unique and powerful (think wireless charging and the advanced PureView camera), Nokia’s assertive marketing and support also played a major part in making the Lumia 920 a raging success.

What kind of raging success? Well, the latest statistics from AdDuplex show that the Nokia Lumia 920 has just become the most popular Windows Phone handset, and is now in the hands of 14 percent of all Windows Phone owners.

The previous leader was the impressive Nokia Lumia 800 (powered by Widows Phone 7.5), also with a 14 percent market share — but only enough for second place this month.

Further details reveal that Nokia is by far the biggest Windows Phone device maker. The numbers confirm what we always knew. The Finnish giant owns a mouthwatering 80 percent of the Windows Phone pie, with eight models in the top ten.

HTC is the very distant second, with both the 8X and 8S laying claim to four percent each.

In terms of version split, Windows Phone 8 users make up 43 percent of the total market, while Windows Phone 7 share currently stands at 57 percent. Expect these numbers to radically shift before the year is out.

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