Adorable Animals Find A Place On The Windows Store

Another day, another special Windows Store section! This time, adorable animals get a chance to be in the spotlight as Microsoft launches a new subcategory showcasing games, photo and educational apps.

Redmond likes to make most of its flagship Store by rolling out special software categories every once in a while, and to good effect too — the lack of apps has been considered one of the setbacks of the Windows Store at this stage of infancy.

And there is no better way to tackle this than by bringing some of the best applications for users to take a look at and download.

This time, Microsoft tries to appeal to animal and pet lovers with a new subsection providing one-click access to animal apps in one place, most of which are available with a freeware license.

The description of the new software category reads:

“No one can resist kittens, puppies, big-eyed squirrels, baby turtles, piglets and narwhals. Go ahead. Just try.”

Narwhals? Right!

Windows 8 users are invited to take a peek at and download games, education and photo apps to experience the world of animals, right from the screens of their computing devices. All these apps work on all versions of Windows 8 on the market, including desktop and RT flavors.

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