Agawi could help bring bleeding-edge PC games to Windows 8 Tablets

doom and gloom about Windows 8 and how it will negatively affect gaming and the programs, other companies are jumping in head first to take part in an open opportunity to expand into Windows Store and the many tablets/devices that will use the new OS. One of these companies is Agawi. Microsoft and Agawi are teaming together to bring great streaming games over to Windows 8, both through a desktop app and a Modern-UI application. In order to attract as many games to its platform as possible, Agawi has now began to entice more developers through a program it calls “AGP Gold”. Basically, the program, Agawi is opening up its front page spots through its Win8 app to developers to give them as much exposure on Microsoft’s OS as possible. This could be huge for Windows tablets. Imagine playing the most exciting PC releases on your tablet hardware, regardless of whether its specs are too weak to handle it or not. Okay, so cloud gaming already exists- but Windows 8 tablets are in a unique position for it. Due to its more PC-like nature (especially on x86 tablets), it is easy to hook your tablet up to a keyboard/mouse and make it look/feel like a standard Windows PC. The only issue that stands in the way for a full PC gaming experience might be if you don’t an ultra-expensive tablet. Cloud gaming could help level the playing field here. A big part of Microsoft’s plan seems to be creating an even experience on all of its devices. Agawi could be part of this by including cloud gaming on Microsoft-equipped TVs, the Xbox, tablets and desktops. If this proves to be profitable and popular for Microsoft, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up buying the streaming company. What do you think? Could cloud game streaming help Microsoft’s tablets appeal to even more gamers? [ source ]]]>

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