Alan Mulally Now Has Very Slim Chances To Become Microsoft CEO, Thinks Analyst

Redmond recently made public some details regarding its search for a new CEO, candidly confirming that the new person will only take charge sometime early next year.

Rick Sherlund, an analyst with Nomura Securities has analyzed these latest statements.

And the analyst believes that things go a bit deeper than what has been publicly announced. Microsoft is now looking for a more experienced head, someone that has familiarity with computing technology. And ultimately this means that Ford’s Alan Mulally is now all but out of the race.

In a note, Sherlund said:

“We are less confident that Mr. Mulally will be heading to Microsoft, given our reading between the lines of Mr. Thompson’s choice of words, appearing to us to imply that some on the board may be digging in their heals on a candidate with more of a technical background. So far, this appears to have failed in turning up a willing candidate.”

The analyst also weighs in on the recent reports that Ford’s board is demanding some clarification from Alan Mulally, as the American carmaker thinks that all these talks in the media about the Microsoft switch are stealing the spotlight from its newer products.

And while the Ford boss seems like he is not prepared right now, we can probably expect some concrete comments from him in the weeks to come, Sherlund claims.

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