Alcatel Pixi 3 Windows Phone Announced, Budget Device

Another budget friendly Windows Phone handset is now official. The Alcatel Pixi 3, true to its name, is actually available in three varieties — Windows Phone, Android and Firefox OS.

Quite an interesting move from the company that is known for making such daring moves.

It was not too long ago that Alcatel became the first vendor to launch a Windows Phone with a 64-bit processor, going by the name of OneTouch POP2. This handset was made official in early September, and made the way to the market with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset.

The Pixi 3, on the other hand, allows users to choose their preferred operating system as well as their desired screen size — it is available with four different display.

Ranging from 3.5-inch to 4-inch, then a 4.5-inch version and finally a 5-inch one. The smallest of these only offers 3G connectivity, while the remaining three include support for 4G LTE. So essentially, you’re covered when it comes to options.

Full details are missing though, but this budget friendly device is expected to hit store shelves in developing countries in the coming months.

We’ll find out price and availability information next week at CES, one way or another.

But this could make for a rather interesting option for buyers.

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