Alexa App For Windows 10 Incoming?

Catfight? Two of the leading digital voice assistants on the planet could be dueling it out at a single playground. That is because Alexa is all set to make an appearance on Windows 10.

Home turf of Cortana.

That is, if this report from a German website holds true.

It claims that Amazon may be planning to release an official Alexa app on Microsoft’s operating system by the end of the year. This, at a time when Redmond itself is trying to make Cortana available on as many platforms as possible.

At the end of the day, this can only mean good things for the consumers, offering them alternative choices, in what is a rapidly developing field.

Besides, Amazon has been slowly trying to root Alexa into Microsoft platforms. It was only recently did we find out that select Windows 10 PCs would start shipping with Amazon’s digital assistant, and the two companies event went as far as to enable Cortana and Alexa to talk to each other.


Thereby expanding the reach of both services.

Anyway, the report above cites a Trekstor spokesperson revealing that Amazon is currently developing a UWP application for its digital assistant, primarily for customers using Windows 10 in S Mode so that they can use Alexa more easily.

This was revealed at IFA 2018, including hints that work is underway to make the two assistants work together in a more effective manner.

Trekstor is, obviously, a company that builds devices running Amazon Alexa, and has apparently been briefed about the expansion plans for the digital assistant.

Nevertheless, since all of this is unofficial as of now, take this with a generous helping of salt, even if Amazon launching Alexa as a UWP app for Windows 10 makes a world of sense. We should find out more about it in due course.

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