All Microsoft Divisions Affected By Layoffs, Including Windows

announcement, Redmond has not specified who is going to be affected by the layoff. Other than the highly reassuring confirmation that every worker who is fired would be notified in the next half of the year. Enter Mary Jo Foley. The regular Microsoft watcher has revealed that all divisions within the company are actually going to be hit by these layoffs. And yes, the job cuts will also affect the Windows unit. Microsoft, it appears, is planning to get rid of some Windows engineers and testers, with sources claiming that a “good chunk” of people associated with this side of the business are to be handed pink slips in the coming months. The product managers and engineers that remain are to be given new responsibilities. And they will be asked to learn new skills in order to streamline development and reduce time needed for launches. On top of that, several sales and marketing teams within Redmond are also impacted. If things go according to plan, Microsoft will function more as a “lean startup” from now on, while Windows and other products will get updates at a significantly faster pace. Which, in most realities, is exactly what people want. Up to the company leaders, then, to ensure that the remaining workforce copes with these changes.]]>

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