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Blame it on Windows 10X for slowing down the development of Windows 10, but Microsoft Edge has won the year undisputed. Redmond continues to update its web browser at a breakneck speed.

It is reasons like this that Edge has seen massive growth the last few months, surpassing Firefox as the second most-used desktop browser out there.

Despite this encouraging accomplishment, Microsoft is not resting on its laurels. The Edge development team has already baked in several excellent features in the browser, and several more are in the pipeline.

And not just new features, but improvements to existing options, too.

As it should be.

Redmond has shared some details of what’s cooking for Microsoft Edge, all the new additions that are set to be available in the browser in the coming months. And there are both small and large enhancements here.

First up, we have the return of the Ask Cortana feature that was originally available in the legacy version of Edge. It was marked as being under discussion, but is now labelled as planned — definite good news considering the digital assistant has been through a rebirth of sorts in the operating system.

Goes without saying that this feature will be exclusive to Windows 10, and not be available for other platforms like macOS and Linux.

Moving on, Microsoft is also working on a highlighter tool for PDF documents. This feature is projected to go live sometime in July. The summer should also bring along navigation in PDF files using the table of contents, as well as text notes for PDF files.

More top sites on the New Tab Page, along with more options to sort favorites in the browser are also incoming.

At the same time, the software titan is working on improving certain options that did not work as users expected them to. For instance, mouse cursor that sometimes disappears when watching a video or using a trackpad.

Good stuff.

Overall, there is a lot to be excited about for the immediate future of Microsoft Edge, as the company continues to pile on the features and improve the web browser based on feedback that it receives from users and developers alike.

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