Alleged Screenshot Of Windows Blue Start Screen Shows Up

The first major upgrade to Windows 8, codename Windows Blue, is expected to be launched this summer. The past few days have seen an constant influx of screenshots, as we get nearer to the public debut of the upcoming update.

Word is that after completion of the first (of two) milestones, Microsoft has distributed the preview builds of the operating system to partners and hardware vendors. Little reason to doubt that these screenshots are being revealed by partners who have early access to the Windows Blue build.

The latest image to emerge online shows the Start Screen of the upcoming Windows 8 upgrade.

No guarantees on the authenticity of the screenshot, but as most people were speculating the update is heavy on design as well as performance updates — additional customization options are quite apparent.

The Blue project is said to bring several improvements across the board for several other Microsoft products beside Windows, including Windows Phone, Internet Explorer 10, SkyDrive and more.

It is also believed that the first version of Internet Explorer 10’s successor (Internet Explorer 11 beta) could also be bundled alongside Windows Blue.

All this is still early talk at the moment, but with the rumored August release date fast approaching, expect more on this in the coming weeks and months.

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