Always Connected PCs Will Amaze You, Microsoft Promises

April 19, 2018

First generation hardware is always special, in how no one really gets it right. This is what happened with the Always Connected PCs that have made their way to the store shelves recently.

These first Windows 10 on ARM devices have a lot going for them, but early reviews are not exactly sparkling with praise.

However, Microsoft assures that we should not call them a flop right away, as what we see is just the beginning of this new platform. More devices are coming from partners — devices that will reiterate on the strengths and fix the issues with these initial ones.

What’s more, even though these machines use Qualcomm Snapdragon chips right now, this will not be the case in the future.

As Microsoft Windows general manager Erin Chapple put it:

“We don’t equate ‘Always Connected PC’ with Qualcomm. We’re about choice in the ecosystem and working across our partners.”

That said, Qualcomm will continue to be part of the Always Connected PCs ecosystem, an important part, as it is a big part of the push towards this new type of hardware. As a matter of pure fact, we do have confirmation from Microsoft that a PC optimized version of the Snapdragon 845 chip is coming.

Later in 2018.

What’s also coming is the BUILD 2018 conference, which is when the company is expected to detail more information about these devices.

While companies like HP, Lenovo and ASUS are in on these machines, we may even get to see other hardware manufacturers make the jump and launch these Always Connected PCs in the coming months.

Chapple also confirmed that Microsoft is readying performance improvements for these devices with the upcoming Spring Creators Update. All in good strides, as the software titan works to streamline and optimize its shiny new platform.

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