Amazon Alexa Lands On The Microsoft Store

You may recall that companies like Acer, ASUS, HP and Lenovo all announced at CES earlier this year that they would be bringing Amazon Alexa support to their PCs very soon.

In fact, buzz among the bees was that an app was in development for Windows 10.

The popular digital assistant used to be only available on select devices that had far-field microphone support. But not it is available for everyone, as the Alexa app can now be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

You will need to be on version 1803 of the operating system to be able to run it.

That is, Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

But it runs natively on both x86 and x64 hardware, meaning if you are the proud owner of one of those shiny new Windows on ARM PCs, then you should still be able to run this application — albeit in emulation.

Small price to pay, some say, for this functionality.

On top of that, the app supports modern Windows 10 design features like Fluent Design elements. Acrylic is part of the package, as is a dark mode that reflects your system settings.

And while you can use Alexa on your PC to do anything that an Echo smart speaker can do, like playing music from your Amazon Prime account, read a book from Audible, turn on the lights or tell you the weather or news, the application does not have complete feature parity with Alexa mobile apps.


For example, it is not possible to choose different wake words that activate the digital voice assistant.

Still, the big news is that Alexa is now available on Windows 10, and it works mighty fine. The app is currently only available in the US, UK and Germany, with more markets planned in 2019.

Grab it from the link below.

Download: Alexa

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