Amazon's AWS Moving in On Azure Territory Thanks to Added Powershell Support

Amazon Web Services moving in on Azure territory.[/caption] Earlier today Onuora pointed out that Microsoft has been having a pretty hard last few weeks, one of the subjects he pointed to was that Google is cutting off support for Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync Protocol and has also affirmed they won’t make Windows 8/RT apps of any kind. Now it seems that Amazon is also trying to make life harder for Microsoft, moving into Microsoft Azure territory by finding ways to play nice with Windows Server 2012. Amazon has now adopted Powershell and several major features from Windows Server 2012, in order to steal away Microsoft’s Azure thunder. The Amazon Web Services tools for Windows Powershell will make it easier for IT professionals to work with AWS even if they were previously only skilled with Microsoft’s server scripting environment. AWS now supports 550 cmdlets that IT developers can use to write scripts and execute them from the Windows PowerShell. Other additions include support for Windows Server 2012 virtual machines. Amazon has always been an aggressive competitor in the cloud space and as computing functional becomes more and more cloud-involved, their role grows larger. With AWS tools continuing to evolve, things are certainly heating up for Windows Azure, that much is clear. Have you used AWS and Azure in the past? With AWS adding Powershell, would you consider it over Microsoft’s own cloud solution or not? [ source ]]]>

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