AMD cutting jobs, up to 30 percent of employees globally?

AMD – Can they still compete in the mobile world? With potentially large lay-offs on the horizon, what does it mean for AMD’s future? It’s hard to say. They need to look to the future here and continue the ground-work they laid with initiatives like the “AMD AppZone”, which brings Android apps over to AMD Windows 8 devices. Hondo isn’t perfect, but it isn’t junk either. If they can make the price attractive enough, it could still have appeal in an entry-level tablet. A $275-$350 Windows 8 x86 tablet that has legacy support and also has a reasonable amount of Android apps could really appeal to some consumers. Anyone who knows tech will likely stay away and go for something better, but what if AMD could work with a few vendors to market a low-end device that is the “Best of Both Worlds”. I can envision ads now that show off Android apps running in Window 8, and then also shows an AMD tablet launching up some Windows desktop apps as well. Marketing could make this work- maybe. AMD isn’t down and out yet, but they need to trend carefully going forward. What do you think about this news? Can AMD still compete in the mobile world, or is the future of processors reserved for Intel and the ARM crowd? Source ]]>

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