AMD Initiates Project Discovery, Gaming Tablets Could Be Incoming

Unlike its partner in crime, Intel, AMD has been rather slow to get into the mobile and tablet business. In fact, let’s just keep it to tablets, because bother processors makers are almost nonexistent on smartphones — AMD more than Intel.

But late last week some information on future AMD technologies named Beema and Mullins surfaced. And soon after that we discovered (pun always intended) some details about Project Discovery.

Basically, this is AMD’s plans to enter the gaming tablet industry — with a Windows 8 powered line of tablets and peripherals, including game controllers. The company hopes this will help it compete with products from professional gaming equipment makers, like Razer, for instance.

Things are understandably at a very early stage right now, but some pictures have floated up.

And we can surely expect more information at the 2014 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (set to take place in January), which should provide us a better idea of what the tablets can do, its integrated controller and the accompanying docking station.

NVIDIA is right now busy developing its next Tegra system-on-chip, codenamed Logan, which it believes will bring console level graphics to tablets next year.

Considering Mullins runs on mere 2 watts of power, AMD looks set to catch up with NVIDIA and other processor makers that make ARM based solutions. At the very least, it may just be enough to keep Intel honest when it comes to processing and visual prowess of its CPUs.

This, friends and neighbors, points to great things on Windows powered tablets.

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